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Accueil / Where / Tahiti and her Islands, where to experience traditional dance shows

Tahiti and her Islands, where to experience traditional dance shows

Dans Where 29 juillet 2017 0


Best Answer: in the hotels of the island!
Whether you are in Tahiti, Mo’orea or Bora Bora, it is at the resorts that you will be able to see a Polynesian dance show, unless you attend the various competitions and other dance festivals that take place during the year.

POLYNESIAN DANCE: The most important dates in the calendar

The HEIVA I TAHITI, the biggest dance festival and the oldest will also take place on several days in early July of each year. There are many other Polynesian dance performances related to the Heiva I tahiti. Make a search to see dates (future and past) by clicking on the following link:

Do not miss the Hura Tapairu which takes place at the beginning of December on 2 week ends of 3 days (Thursday to Saturday). More information :

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Hôtel Méridien Tahiti

In Tahiti, the Hotel Le Méridien proposes its « MAGIE POLYNESIENNE » every Friday evening with a buffet. The show starts around 8pm.

Pas d'Events dans les prochains jours.

Hôtel Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort’s « Marquises » is a traditional show with a full buffet of local specialties. The troupe Toa Hihina and its dancers from the Marquesas Islands will delight you with their songs and choreography.

The show starts at 8:30 pm. The « Soirée Merveilleuse aux couleurs de Gauguin » has been popular for many years despite the high price of the dinner. Show at 8:30 pm.
Note that for these two evenings you can attend the show without buying the buffet, being at the bar. You will be asked for a small fee.

Are you in Moorea on a Monday night? No matter the day when on vacation! Intercontinental Moorea offers an evening « Manava e Maeva » from 7pm. Ask for Entertainment, dinner and shows fares.

Pas d'Events dans les prochains jours.

Hôtel Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

On the east coast, the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort is located in the city of Arue in the beautiful and historic Bay of Matavai. The Huriama troupe has been performing there for a few years. The show starts at 20:00.

Pas d'Events dans les prochains jours.

Tiki Village, Mo’orea

The Tiki Village, located in Haapiti Mo’orea, offers the « Légendes Tahitiennes » from 6 pm to 10 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This dinner-show can be booked directly online at Note that the village is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm and admission is free. His restaurant offers a show at 1 pm.

Sofitel Ia Ora, Mo’orea

The Sofitel Ia Ora Mo’orea Hotel offers a dance show every evening.

Pas d'Events dans les prochains jours.


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LIVE BANDS de Tahiti

Live Bands, les groupes de Musique à Tahiti

Vous cherchez un groupe de musique pour l’animation d’une soirée ?
Tahiti Agenda vous a établi une liste avec l’aide des musiciens du fenua.


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